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Without printers, we would have been stuck in the dark ages. Without these things, important historical books such as the bible and the Das Capital of Karl Marx wouldn’t have been available to the world. That would have impacted the world in a huge scale and wouldn’t be the world that we are living today. The printer has surely made a lot of progress since its first production by Gutenberg. Today’s printers can now print three dimensional objects which we can use to help a lot people in the future. What’s even better is that the printer technologies that we have today like the printers in Melbourne CBD by Minuteman are vastly improving to become more efficient. This article will help you walk down memory lane and take a look how far the printing game has gone since it was first manufactured in Germany.

The first printer

Unlike the modern ones like the printers in Melbourne CBD by Minuteman, the first printer was not as sophisticated as it is today. The printer that Gutenberg has invented was very simple but it has ignited the scholar phase which ignited the renaissance. Without it, the great minds such as Da Vinci, Linnaeus and Copernicus wouldn’t know anything about their fields. In short, we would still believe that the earth is the center of the universe.

The industrial revolution

The industrial revolution has brought us a gift that we should all cherish. That gift is what we call today as mass production. Along with it, is the mass production of printers that ignited competition. This led to the revolution of the printer and has greatly improved as time progressed.

The ribbon printers

Thermal transfer printers or much commonly known as ribbon printers are in the memory of every single millennial. This printer is very famous for its annoying noise. However, despite that being said, it is among the first printing technology that has affected the corporate world. Due to the increasing technological companies around the world and the increasing demand for printed documents, inventors need to come up with an efficient and fast way of printing. Thus, this annoying little noisemaker that we all love is born.

Laser Printers and inkjet printers

Laser printers and inkjet printers are the modern day printers, for example printers in Melbourne CBD by Minuteman. These printers are both economical and efficient. Unlike their ancestors, these modern day bad boys can now print high definition pictures and can even print thousands and thousands of documents with ease.

3D printers

Just when we thought 3d printers are only a thing of science fiction, the huge brains that we humans possess have proven that the phrase “nothing is impossible” is indeed true. Although there is still a long way to go in terms of the efficiency and the speed of these printers have. However, as true as that is, it is still mind blowing that something on your computer screen can come to life in the form of a 3d printed model.

Since the mobile phones were brought to life, our lives have generally taken a new turn in every aspect. This includes how we do business, our communication habits, travelling and also the taste for entertainment.  Two decades back, the mobile phone was simply used for communication and this was through expensive voice calls and short messaging services. Since then, a number of developers worldwide have been working their brains off to ensure they upgrade the systems of mobile phones from simple to complex. This they have done via a domain known as mobile app development outsourcing. Most of the upcoming developers rely on mobile app development outsourcing to get their apps upgraded or availed worldwide.

Currently, there are very many developing organizations and individuals all around the globe. Some have very high market while others are still combining forces to achieve their desired market traffic targets. Normally, any app developer will want their app(s) to hit the market and henceforth become a part of everyday humans’ activity. This is possible. However, what if you develop a very pleasant and helpful app, but you can’t really figure out a way to close that tiny gap that is blocking you from making the app the next big thing? Or, you don’t seem to identify the most suitable channel to make your app reach your desired end users? This is so disheartening, right? Apparently, the only reliable way is to get help from a mobile app development outsourcing company. In this case, a company like ScienceSoft can be your go-to place.

Your organization is a software development organization, and as you know, providing the most unique, but fully helpful software is the most appealing accomplishment any software development org would like.  Combining efforts will generally improve performance and therefore produce the best. For this reason, trying to outsource some of the missing items or ideas can be a fulfilling choice.  It is also important to note that there are specialized groups of persons who are professionally trained to transform your unique ideas from imaginations to reality. By now you must have noted the shallow importance. Below, you will find some of the mistakes that many developers do during mobile app development outsourcing:

  • Lack of accounting for time zone differences. The main problem with this is that you might enquire about something to another person from a different time zone and you fail to get feedback. This defaults the project’s timeliness.
  • Outsourcing to countries of places that are behind trends. Technology is rising at a very high pace. Some areas enjoy quick trends while others take time to experience the trends. Outsourcing to such countries can be a waste as the trends won’t be in line.
  • Not pre-testing your projects on an end users platform. Pre-testing helps in identifying any mistakes thus mending them. Failing to pre-test can cause major problems when the end user incurs a cost to purchase your project, then end up suffering a breakdown.

The above is just a small part of understanding mobile app development outsourcing.